Tuesday, May 4, 2010

imapproxy will find a new home

This is a message sent out to imapproxy-info mailing list by the maintainer Dave McMurtrie:

Good morning,

I'm writing today to let you know that I'm officially retiring from my duties as, well, the sole keeper of all things imapproxy.

You've probably noticed that over the past year I haven't exactly been lighting this project on fire. In fact, I've been doing pretty much the bare minimum I had to do to keep it alive. Patches have come in and I've ignored them. Questions have been raised to me and I've ignored them, too. I can assure you all that it's been a matter of laziness and not hubris. Well, it's been a mixture of laziness and the fact that I've been extremely busy in my day job. I never took the time to make imapproxy into a "real" project with a real team of people working on it
and it suffered because of that.

I had considered just shutting the whole thing down, but there are still a couple people who run it so I embarked on a quest to find a new home for the software. The first group I thought of was the Squirrelmail team. imapproxy and Squirrelmail are a great complement to each other, and the Squirrelmail team is actually a team and not one guy like I am, so they're much more likely to be responsive to patch review and putting out new releases. Also, I've been running Squirrelmail myself for many years at more than one place of employment and I've been very impressed with their level of user support. They're a fine group, and I felt they would make for a much better caretaker of imapproxy than I have been.

With much trepidation, I contacted the Squirrelmail folks to gauge interest. I'm pleased to let you know that after much thought and discussion they're willing to take over the imapproxy project and keep it alive. Details of the transition are still being discussed, but it's already in the works. The imapproxy.org domain has been transferred over and they're now hosting the old website.

Many thanks go out to all the kind folks who have supported imapproxy (and indirectly, me) over the years.


Dave McMurtrie, SPE
Email Systems Team Leader
Carnegie Mellon University,
Computing Services

I myself, have been using imapproxy for 7 years and impressed with its performance. 4 years with squirrelmail and 3 years with roundcube. It helps a lot to enhance the performance of my mailserver. Hope the new maintainer will keep up the good job of Dave.

Thanks Dave. :)

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