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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Testing SuSe Live CD today. Here's the screenshot :

1. Forum SKCC [ ]
2. TKLUG (The Kuantan Linux User Group) [ ]

These are websites pertaining to my interest :

1. Linux [ ]
2. Slackware Linux [ ]
3. Mandriva Linux [ ]
4. Linux Kernel Official Website [ ]

About myself:
My name is zamri and I live in Kuantan Pahang Malaysia. Kuantan is a well known and a capital city for the state of Pahang. It is a place where beautiful beaches lie and because of that, attracts thousands of tourists all over the world. I will post here pictures of beaches at Kuantan and a bit of guide. Till then hope you enjoy my blog and please do come again.

ps : To know more about Pahang, please visit Pahang Tourism website.