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Linux Advanced Routing And Traffic Control (LARTC)

Networking in Linux is one of essential part for the success of this operating system. The flexibility and robustness are the key point for the success. However, the user-friendliness, at the very early stage, was not good which resembles the old Unix. Nowadays, many modern Linux distros come with good interface on setting up many aspects of networking stuff and many things can be configured automatically when the hardwares detected.
Many organizations need to have an advanced routing for their network infrastructure. Basic network infra cannot cope with certain conditions. This is when the advanced routing comes into play. In Linux, we have iproute2 package to work hand-in-hand with iptables and recent kernel for advanced routing. This topic is thoroughly covered on LARTC home page at My article here just covers basic things.
Make it work

Let's take a look at this scenario :

Scenario 1

We want to route packets that come from local network(s) to two…