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Migrating mails from old server to new server

I have done migrating my users' mails to new server. dbmail saves all mails into database (in my case mysql), backing up and restoring should be trivial.

1. backup (using mysqldump)
~#mysqldump -u user -pPassword dbmail > dbmail.sql

2. restore
~#mysql -u user -pPassword dbmail < dbmail.sql

Voila. It's done!.

I have users' preferences and address books saved in database too. So the method of backing up and restoring to the new server should be the same.

Greylisting with postgrey - a spam fighter

Hi there! A couple of days ago, I have setup postgrey. It eliminated 99.9999% of spams entering my users' mailbox. The implementation of greylisting is done at MTA level (postfix) reducing my mailserver load (especially my spam filter). It is like the front-end spam filter before the spams got filtered by anti-spam if they can pass through. It is designed as a complement to existing defenses against spam, and not as a replacement. So far so good. For time being, I guess no spam ever reach my users' mailbox as I went through a couple of test accounts.

*Note: There's one caveat - Greylisting delays all unknown e-mail, not just spam.

The source came with contributed script for reporting. Check it out to see whether your policy really works.

For those new to this, read below:

Your question : What in the hell is postgrey?
My Answer : Postgrey is a Postfix policy server implementing greylisting

Your question : What in the hell is greylisting?
My answer : (see below - taken from here )

Firefox released

Get the latest stable and security update of Firefox browser here.

What's new in this release.

* Improved stability.
* Improved support for Mac OS X.
* International Domain Name support for Iceland (.is) is now enabled.
* Fixes for several memory leaks.
* Several security enhancements.

Read the release notes.