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KDE 4.4 is ready for Mandriva

Run one of these to add KDE-4.4.0 repo (depending on your OS of course):

32 bits: urpmi.addmedia kde-4.4.0

64 bits: urpmi.addmedia kde-4.4.0
After adding the KDE 4.4. repository you will need to update, download and install all of KDE 4.4 packages. You can do all of this in one command, but, I, for safety, prefer to do it in two steps. First, update the repositories and download all the packages before installing them to make sure that the installation is possible:
urpmi --auto-update --auto-select --test
When all packages finish downloading and you see a message at the end saying that the installation is possible, you can run the same command without the --test parameter to now actually perform the installation:
urpmi --auto-update --auto-select
After the package installation finishes, logout and log back in, that's it !! you will have a brand new, shiny,…