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Google search tool collections

Googleindexes and searches billions of webpages and is the premier search engine on the internet. A quick analysis of the search pageessentials of Google Search and remember to set your preferences. is helpful to understand and analyze the search results. Official Google Search ToolsGoogle - The Search Engine. Google Advanced Search - search google based on specific parameters Google Suggest - As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you're typing and offers suggestions in real time. Google Trends - Graphically see and compare what the world is searching for. Google Personalized Search - make your search experience more relevant to you. Google Search History - Keeps a record of all searches and clicked results while a user is logged into a Google Account Google Blog search - Google search technology focused on blogs Blogger Blog Search - Search for blogs all over the web Google Directory - Search the web organized by topic into categori…

On a quest to get a 3D desktop

I'm very excited with 3D desktop after watching AIGLX and XGL in action with beryl or compiz window manager. I haven't been able to get it run on my computer with my video card since it is not supported composite extension and DRI simultaneously. The ATI's proprietary driver (fglrx) I use, doesn't support dri and composite extension simultaneously. I downloaded kororaa live CD to try it out and I was amazed.

At one point, I downloaded xorg, compiz and Mesa from cvs and I managed to get Xorg compiled with Xgl enabled but I couldn't get compiz to run because there was no composite extension.

Picture above is a screenshot of my desktop running dropline GNOME on Slackware and Xgl running in a window with KDE as the window manager. It's like running X in X or nested X.

However, I'm still trying... :)

Other links:
Xgl,compiz and Mesa -
Dropline GNOME -

Upgrading dbmail

Last week, I upgraded my production imap server from dbmail 2.0.9 to the latest stable 2.2.1. I need to upgrade because there are features I need to use. They are:

1. server-side sorting (fixed after 2.1.7)
2. sieve server-side filter (using dbmail-timsieved daemon)

The upgrade was a risky one. It was a leapfrog from 2.0.x to 2.2.1 by skipping 2.1.x. Many changes since 2.0. Since I did not have a test server so it was important to backup all emails. After too much thought, I decided to give it a go.

Stopping the mail server
These stops all necessary mail-related services. You may not want to stop httpd services to make announcement to users on the website. You have to stop services in order to migrate your system smoothly without bothering emails coming in and out and slow down the whole process.

service postfix stop
service dbmail-imapd stop
service dbmail-lmtpd stop

Backing up all emails
It is important to backup all emails before upgrading process. At least you can revert to previous dbmai…

How to make VCD with K3B using Linux

If you have a video file ie .avi, or .mp3 and you would like to burn to CD in VCD format so that you can play it with your vcd player. This is how I did it.

avi file

Let's say you have a .avi video file named myvideo.avi. You have to convert it
to mpg.

ffmpeg -i myvideo.avi -target pal-vcd myvideo.mpg

(Note: the -target command requires at least version 0.4.9 of ffmpeg)

Burn it!
Using k3b, a KDE burning software, you can burn it to cd in vcd format by selecting File -> New -> New Project -> New Video CD Project menu. Please make sure the file size does not exceed the storage size of the CD. If there is an error indicating vcdxbuild binary not found, you need to install vcdimager package.

Problem: There is no vcdimager package for Slackware as I know of. After searching high and low (even using slapt-get was no help), I opted to download sources: vcdimager, libpopt and libcdio source packages.

For all this source,

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var

and a…