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urpmi: /bin/mv: cannot stat `/var/cache/urpmi/partial/descriptions': No such file or directory

If you got this problem (or something like it) while updating packages with urpmi.update -a or urpmi --auto-updates :
/bin/mv: cannot stat `/var/cache/urpmi/partial/descriptions': No such file or directory Can't move file /var/cache/urpmi/partial/descriptions to /var/lib/urpmi/Main Updates (Cooker2011.0-2)/descriptions
Then the solution is by removing the file /var/cache/urpmi/mirrors.cache for urpmi to use different mirror. This is because the mirror has problem. So issuing this command should solve the problem:
rm -fv /var/cache/urpmi/mirrors.cache
That's all there is to it. Have fun!

Solving squid's pinger error: Recv: recv: (111) Connection refused

I've installed latest squid ( recently from source. I configured it with --with-icmp to enable incoming icmp request. After compiling and installing it, it's time to run it. From the log I noticed that the pinger program produced an error like this: Recv: recv: (111) Connection refused
and filtering the log of the word pinger (using grep) :
pinger: Initialising ICMP pinger ... 2010/12/18 10:57:16| pinger: Unable to start ICMP pinger. 2010/12/18 10:57:16| pinger: Unable to start ICMPv6 pinger. 2010/12/18 10:57:16| FATAL: pinger: Unable to open any ICMP sockets.
From the errors above, I knew that they were related to permission problem (connection refused, unable to open socket). It solved when I setuid the pinger program to enable it to open the required socket :
chmod 4755 pinger (run this as root of course)
This pinger program is usually located in the bin directory of squid path e.g /usr/local/squid/bin (this is the default if you compile from sourc…

What's coming in Mandriva 2011

After the wonderful news that Mandriva would be continuing as usual despite financial difficulties and an exodus of developers comes the technical specifications and other tidbits for Mandriva 2011. There are quite a few exciting changes ahead, many of which prove that Mandriva is still a cutting edge distribution.With 2011, Mandriva will be switching to RPM5. This news was announced by Per Øyvind Karlsen last week and is the first item in the list. RPM5 is actually a fork of RPM with the main goals of supporting XAR, an XML based archiving format, and featuring an integrated dependency resolver. This move has been in the works for quite some time but Mandriva 2011 will be the first release fully committed. Per Øyvind Karlsen said RPM5, "is the only sensible choice." Relatedly, their software center is scheduled a face-lift for a "more modern and simple to use interface."Mandriva 2011 will be using the Galbraith Latency patch whether the kernel that will be used ha…