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My New 1U HP server

This month I got my new server which I want to setup it as my mail server. It is an HP Proliant DL 140 Generation 2. It is a 1U type server. It fits the rack server nicely. This type of machine (I mean the 1U type) surprised me coz I never setup Linux on this *fancy* machine. I just thought that it should be the same as the normal-looking one ,lol. It is except one thing. It has SATA RAID controller. I haven't start installing an OS on it coz I haven't had a clue on how to setup one without CDROM. What? I hear you say. Yes. It has no CDROM. It only has CDROM bay. Damn!. I never checked the spec carefully. I should have known better.

I went to the supplier this afternoon and ordered a DVD-ROM drive. I learned something from this case. I should have checked the spec carefully. Damn!!.