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Writing a blog entry has never been easier

This blog entry was created using Gnome Blog. Without going to, I can now write an entry by just opening this application. It's good to have this kind of app don't you think? Oh, you can insert pictures too by way of drag and drop (look at cutie meowie below :) ). --update: you can't see the picture because BloggerAPI doesn't support it (yet).

Where to get it?
You are recommended to use your distro's package manager. Just search for gnome-blog or something like that. In Fedora just run yum install gnome-blog.More info can be found here.

dbmail 2.2.6-rc1 released

I have just upgraded my dbmail to dbmail 2.2.6-rc1.

Announcement :
Changelog :;a=log;h=dbmail_2_2
Download :

How to upgrade from previous release (2.2.5)

1. Stop postfix, dbmail-imapd, dbmail-lmtpd and dbmail-timsieved using service command.
2. Download the tarball and extract it.
3. Enter the installation folder and run :

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --with-mysql --with-sieve

4. make
5. make install
6. Restart all the stopped services.

That's all there is to it.

df - A disk usage reporting tool

What is df?
It is a command to report filesystem disk space usage (on Linux).

Recently I checked my backup server's disk space. I issued df for that. The output was:

df: cannot read table of mounted filesystems: No such file or directory

Something wrong here. After some googling, I managed to get the solution. I issued this command:

grep -v rootfs /proc/mounts > /etc/mtab

After running this command, df worked again. One lesson learned. df relies on /etc/mtab for it to work. Now I can easily know how much disk space left for each partition. Thanks df!.