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Zimbra migration

1. Introduction Zimbra project doesn’t have a cross migration or proper account transfer documentation. All they tell is to do copy the folder /opt/zimbra to your new servers. But if any of those files infected with a rootkit or other malicious scripts , then your new server also will be compromised. So never sync or copy the entire directory of your zimbra installation. Zimbra also tell you to upgrade your production server to the latest version before migration. But improper upgrade may result in entire data lose. With this procedure you can do:
Migrate zimbra from one Operating System To another.Migrate zimbra account between any hardware and Operating systems configurations.No interruption on production server like software upgrade or service disable.Migrate zimbra from old version to a new version serverZimbra cross migrations without copying entire directories.2. Requirement You need an old server with zmibra account and a new fresh server with the Os you wish. Dont’ cre…