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Proxmox KVM usb passthrough

Proxmox KVM usb passthrough
Open KVM monitor for your KVM machine in Proxmox GUI or in the command line with the following command:
# qm monitor 168 Entering Qemu Monitor for VM 168 - type 'help' for help qm>
Show the usb devices info from your host machine:
qm> info usbhost   Bus 4, Addr 2, Port 1, Speed 12 Mb/s     Class 00: USB device 046b:ff10, Virtual Keyboard and Mouse   Bus 6, Addr 2, Port 2, Speed 1.5 Mb/s     Class 00: USB device 0624:0294, Dell 03R874   Bus 2, Addr 3, Port 1, Speed 480 Mb/s     Class 00: USB device 0930:6533, DataTraveler 2.0   Auto filters:     Bus *, Addr *, Port *, ID 0930:6533
According to device “USB device 0930:6533” in the example, add the device to guest machine:
qm> device_add usb-host,id=myusb,vendorid=0x0930,productid=0x6533
Verify that the new usb device is added in your guest:
qm> info usb   Device 0.1, Port 1, Speed 12 Mb/s, Product QEMU USB Tablet   Device 0.3, Port 2, Speed 12 Mb/s, Product QEMU USB Hub   Device 0.4, Port 2…