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What it takes to be a system administrator?

I found this interesting article "What it takes to be a system admin?". I'm interested to know how exactly the work system admin is due to the fact that I have no formal training in this field, I think I should make an effort to be one. Like ones say, "experience is the best teacher". No one shouldn't agree with this statement. This is why we need practice (a lot). During the practice, we will encounter mistakes. With that, you'll know what's the best, what's good and what's bad and what's the worst thing to do.

Let's take a look at the key points of being a system administrator:

Change your mindset -- The true SA is a combination caretaker, security guard, and baby sitterLearn new toolsets -- If one wants to move into the corporate arena, then you must be able to take whatever tools are laying around and get the job done. This means the ability to learn new tools and to use old tools in new ways. Learn to handle pressure -- Expect to …

What is ethernet bonding?

In the new building, there will be 3 lines of broadband connection to the internet. I am thinking to make 'bonding' or port-trunking (cisco term) in order to provide load balancing and fault-tolerance connection. I have done this for dialup lines a few years ago. But this one is for ethernet. Every modern kernel supports this feature. Now let's take a look at what bonding is all about...

What is bonding?
Bonding is the same as port trunking. In the following I will use the word bonding because practically we will bond interfaces as one.


modprobe bonding mode=0 miimon=100 # load bonding module

ifconfig eth0 down # putting down the eth0 interface
ifconfig eth1 down # putting down the eth1 interface

ifconfig bond0 hw ether 00:11:22:33:44:55 # changing the MAC address of the bond0 interface
ifconfig bond0 up # to set ethX interfaces as slave the bond0 must have an ip.

ifenslave bond0 eth0 # putting the eth0 interface in the slave mod for bond0
ifenslave bond0 …

The modem is broken

Today found out that the modem at my workplace broke. I have to contact TMNet to replace it coz it's still under warranty. Thank god, the replacement is a snap. Tomorrow, staff can connect to the internet.

I'm a system admin.

Me, MySelf And I

After being a system admin for 4 months, i think that this is my dream job but the pay is still not enough for me. I've learnt so many things about Linux and how to maintain them (I have 3 servers that i have to monitor). May things on my mind ranging from backup (the hardest if u want to transfer accounts from one server to another server.), tcp/ip, network design, firewall (this is fun!), routing config and etc.