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Mandriva Linux 2010 released

Announced on Nov 4th 2009, the release of Mandriva 2010. It is available in three editions : One, Powerpack and Free, for architectures i586 and x86-64. One and Free can be downloaded for free from official Mandriva mirrors and via BitTorrent.

To know what this edition has to offer, read here.

What really attracts me is this:

Mandriva Linux 2010 includes Go-OO branch of the popular That means more features, like SVG support, 3D transitions, VBA support, KDE 4 integration and Includes useful extensions.

So for those who *really* need these features of Go-OO, should consider use this edition of Mandriva Linux.

Have fun!


pdvossen said…
I do believe this version of Mandriva
could be the finest. I use three
other Linuxed based versions of
Ubuntu, but love experimenting with
Mandriva. Only problem I'm having is
my Brasero and K3B software says
I'm missing plugins or such every
time I try to burn a dvd. I've
installed anything I know. Have
any suggestions?

zamri said…
Yeah. I believe you. :) I experienced it myself and Mandriva 2010 is a must-have upgrade. I upgraded my Mandriva 2009.1 and it did it excellently and flawless.

Back to your question, what were you burning? mp3? or k3b was trying to load a plugin.. or you might wanna check /var/log/messages for any hint...
pdvossen said…
Hey, I got the burner to work. I just researched to find out what files I needed for K3B to burn, rebooted and it worked. I haven't checked out to see if
Brasero works yet though.

I have struggled with consistent flash
plugin usage. Some sites good. Some sites the Adobe freezes. I've tried Gnash and that one was ok, but glitches there. I'm trying to find a consisency that works. I love the BBC and always am
watching things on it. When the flash boots up itself its fine. Yet, when I have to click the play button. No go!
Go figure?

Take care,

PS. Any suggestions on the flash let me
pdvossen said…
Got the flash to work correctly.
I took advantage of all the possible
repositories, and installed the
latest 10.32 version of adobe flash
plugin from the plf. The mdv version
didn't work.

It is now working on all sites.

zamri said…
I use Mandriva 64-bit and I use flash 10 64-bit. So far so good. Works flawlessly.

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