Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It takes two to tango

Yeah.. You may well confused with the title of this post. What the hell it has to do with Linux? Yeah. You got it wrong. Make people confuse is one of the tactic to make readers read your blog. Am i right? Well it doesn't matter.

Last week, I setup 2nd router for my office to make traffic smoother. We experienced slow internet connection lately and no wonder since we have 500 clients accessing the only one router to go to the internet. So after thinking a plan on how to solve it, I came out with a soultion to buy a new and powerful router. 3 days later, I was thinking it was a good idea to split the traffic since we have 2 internet connections. So I setup a second router and split up client connections to the two router evenly. After 2 days, I can say it is successfully make our internet experience a pleasure.

In the new router I installed squid 3.0, BIND and dansguardian. All on Mandriva Spring 2008. So every client connected to one of the router has been setup with gateway and dns point to the router.

So If your office internet connection is becoming slower and slower and you have 2 internet connections, you may to think to split up for smooth traffic to the internet and make your users happy.



Kevin Foo (chfl4gs_) said...

Why do you need a second router? If a router can handle the uplink throughput, you do not need a second router. There is something call outbound load balancing. check out Linux tc CBQ/HTB or OpenBSD pf ATQ. Even route command can perform load-balancing.


zamri said...

That was a simple solution I could think of at that time and because I have 2 streamyx lines. I'm searching for a better solution.

Thanks for the links. I'll try to test settings as suggested.