Tuesday, April 15, 2008

clamav 0.93 released

I just feel like it was yesterday I upgraded my clamav to 0.92.1. Now it is version 0.93. I gotta upgrade it ASAP. Thanks to the spirit of OSS. The excitement will never end. :)

Changes since 0.92.1:
  * libclamav:
- New logic in scan limits: provides much more efficient protection against
DoS attacks but also results in different command line and config options
to clamscan and clamd (see below)
- New/improved modules: unzip, SIS, cabinet, CHM, SZDD, text normalisator,
entity converter
- Improved filetype detection; filetype definitions can be remotely updated
- Support for .cld containers (which replace .inc directories)
- Improved pattern matcher and signature formats
- More efficient scanning of HTML files
- Many other improvements

* clamd:
- NEW CONFIG FILE OPTIONS: MaxScanSize, MaxFileSize, MaxRecursion, MaxFiles
ArchiveMaxFileSize, ArchiveMaxRecursion, ArchiveMaxFiles,
ArchiveMaxCompressionRatio, ArchiveBlockMax

* clamscan:
- NEW CMDLINE OPTIONS: --max-filesize, --max-scansize
- REMOVED OPTIONS: --block-max, --max-space, --max-ratio

* freshclam:
- NEW CONFIG OPTION CompressLocalDatabase
- NEW CMDLINE SWITCH --no-warnings
- main.inc and daily.inc directories are no longer used by ClamAV; please
remove them manually from your database directory

Please note the new config file options.

Well... happy upgrading!. :)