Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No IE7 for Windows 2000 ?

This news was published last year but I just like featuring here as a reminder for me and for other readers. For those who are still using Windows 2000, there is bad news. The much-awaited IE 7 will not be available for Windows 2000 users. But why? I hear you ask. Microsoft said that:

"the task is too complex due to security features not available in the older operating system. Company officials also noted that Windows 2000 is moving into the "Extended" support phase of Microsoft's product lifecycle as of June 30, 2005."

"It should be no surprise that we do not plan on releasing IE7 for Windows 2000," IE program manager Chris Wilson wrote on the Internet Explorer Web log.

The above phrase clearly stated that Windows 2000 is an old operating system and MS will not support in the future (till 2010). IMHO, I think Windows 2000 is one of the stable OS ever built by MS. It is also used in many mission-critical servers all over the world. I once took classes of MCSE and the instructor use Windows 2000. It is stable and rock-solid especially if use in corporate environment and has a large userbase. But why MS don't want to release IE7 for Windows 2000 users? Why not MS listen to Windows 2000 users? Upgrading to XP involves buying a new OS and many reluctant to do it and especially when they look at many security problem of XP before. You may think that this is one of MS tactic to dominate OS market.

I am one of Windows 2000 users and also a big fan of Firefox. If MS doesn't want to release it for Windows 2000, I have firefox. We as a user, have many better choices. We just need to choose the right tool for what we want to achieve. Thank god we have open source apps that are more reliable with better support for open standard to choose from.

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