Monday, October 17, 2011

Changing konqueror web browser's engine to WebKit

Konqueror is a native KDE web browser and it uses KHTML as the rendering engine. Fortunately, the smart developers of Konqueror has made it possible to change not only the interface but also the engine that renders the webpage we visit and so far only webkit is supported. We hope many more in the future. or maybe not. :)

What is Webkit?
Webkit engine is derived from KDE's KHTML engine and contains many enhancements that made it better than its mother. It has been used for Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome web browsers.

For Mandriva 2011 users, to be able to change the engine to Webkit is by installing the engine package. It's called webkitkde. (for other distro, the package name might be a bit different) You might have installed it. Install it using this command:

urpmi webkitkde

Now open Konqueror (or restart if it is open) and go to Settings --> Configure Konqueror --> General --> Default web browser engine. You should have 2 options in there. KHTML and WebKit. Screenshot below.

For KDE 4.10.x, for Mageia, the package name is kwebkitpart. So,

urpmi kwebkitpart

That's all there is to it. You should now enjoy browsing the web using WebKit engine.


Jeff Losten said...

Konqueror KDE web browser is very good browser.. its easy to use.. thanks for sharing information about KDE browser..

Jeff Losten
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zamri said...

Hi Jeff. yes it is and getting better. Thanks for visiting.