Thursday, February 26, 2009

packagekit and Mandriva Cooker

I use Mandriva Cooker. A bleeding edge distro. packagekit is the latest offering from Mandriva for package management. Coupled with KDE's kpackagekit, it integrates nicely with KDE 4. It's still not recommended for general though. The interface is confusing for first time user. Every button can be clicked while the other process running and it crashes often. Please use Mandriva Control Center for it.

Let's see some screenshots of it.


Gembira said...

how to download cooker ? where is cooker.iso ?

opensuse factory & fedora rawhill have iso but cooker ?

zamri said...

Go to and follow the steps to set Cooker as your repo. Then refresh your media by urpmi.update -a. You may want to remove old repos first before doing it i.e urpmi.removemedia -a

zamri said...

Actually i don't know whether there is a iso for Cooker. I couldn't find any. due to its nature ie fast changing incremental updates of packages, it is often seen as not suitable to make one.

You may want to wait for RC iso instead. It is usually released 2 or 3 months before final release. Upcoming is Mandriva 2010.1 aka Mandriva Spring (scheduled in June/July)

Dr.Saleem Khan said...

this is cooker iso


a netinstall iso infact