Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Setting up webcam on Linux (ZC0301)

It was a rare occasion if I got my hand on a web camera. This time I borrowed it from my colleague. Last time I couldn't get it to work. I didn't remember why. But this time, it was easy as ABC.

Model : Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. Havit 3808 (this is what it says on the tin)
Chipset : ZC0301 (from lsusb)

Last time I looked at http://zc0302.sourceforge.net/ for the driver. It has been inactive for a long time. Still so far, the driver for ZC0301 is still not supported.

This time: I looked at spcaxx project page at http://mxhaard.free.fr/spca5xx.html. The webcam I was using supported. As stated on the website, for Fedora Core 6 users like me can download the driver here. The driver is actually a kernel module and after installing it, you can load the module with modprobe : modprobe gspca

When done, open your kopete, and click Settings --> Configure.. --> Device and see whether it detects and display video from the webcam. Then you can enjoy webcam session with your friends and acquaintances.

Good luck!

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2months said...

Im have ZC0301 webcam too but I cant install it on windows7 because i cant find the right drivers (http://www.vimicro.com/english/product/pc003.htm). I was wondering if you'd know how to get this working.