Thursday, January 25, 2007

On a quest to get a 3D desktop

I'm very excited with 3D desktop after watching AIGLX and XGL in action with beryl or compiz window manager. I haven't been able to get it run on my computer with my video card since it is not supported composite extension and DRI simultaneously. The ATI's proprietary driver (fglrx) I use, doesn't support dri and composite extension simultaneously. I downloaded kororaa live CD to try it out and I was amazed.

At one point, I downloaded xorg, compiz and Mesa from cvs and I managed to get Xorg compiled with Xgl enabled but I couldn't get compiz to run because there was no composite extension.

Picture above is a screenshot of my desktop running dropline GNOME on Slackware and Xgl running in a window with KDE as the window manager. It's like running X in X or nested X.

However, I'm still trying... :)

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