Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A busy day for a lazy man

Today is so full of meeting from nine to 5. meeting packed day. I have a meeting with Flinders University regarding courses ShahPutra want to offered here. They have strict requirements regarding students intake, softwares and technology that we have here.
"We are very Java" - said Dr. Janet, the IT Head
The course will be offered is Bac. Of Comp. Sc And IT. I, as an system administrator should provide them with softwares required to run the program such as Java, C/C++, A web server (Apache), JDK 1.4, J2EE, Linux OS, Oracle and also MySQL. Thank god I can download the free edition of Oracle on Oracle website. That will save cost as our boss like. Students can run Oracle server on their own PCs and do their work.

Last night I read the RAID manual for the 10th times. I realized that for RAID 5, I should make RAID 1 first and booting can be done from it. I have three disks that I could make RAID 5. It is no automatic process for this as many installers do not support configuring RAID 5 on first setup.

Slackware is still my Linux distro of choice although many of my friends run some sort of modern distro like Xandros, Mandrake (now Mandriva) and Fedora. I just think that it is easy for me since i first started using Linux with it. I learned many essential things on Linux by using Slackware and also my friends told me that it is similar but not the same as BSD family OS.

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