Friday, May 15, 2009

Mounting Mac OS X partition from Linux

My friend asked me to save his data on a Mac OS X partition since his machine couldn't boot properly into Mac OS X GUI mode. So I booted the machine with Ubuntu 5.04 Live CD. I know it was an old version but who cares as long as it supports hfsplus filesystem used by Mac OS X.

So I mounted one of the partitions where he saved his work with this:

sudo mount -t hfsplus /dev/hda5 /mnt (for Ubuntu)

(If you are using other distro and logged in as root, just omit the sudo from above command.)

where /dev/hda5 is the partition and /mnt is the mount point.

From now, insert usb drive and copy file to it. After this, he can wipe out all partitions and/or reinstall Mac OS X.


Muhd Syazwan said...

kes abg wan pnye ibook nih..
good job boss!!

zamri said...

yup. thanks.

mka said...

i guess there was no other mac at that time to invoke the target disk mode.

this could work for me :-)

zamri said...

hi mka. pls post your result here. much appreciated. thanks.