Monday, August 15, 2005

Monday sickness, chatting, Xandross

If today is not Monday, I would have been in Pangkor ... swimming..

Today is Monday 15 August 2005. At 8.30 AM this morning I was still at my home preparing for work. Last night, I was happily playing with my student's laptop by installing Linux, did some modification to KDE theme and testing Codeweaver's CrossOver. My life was not connected for the whole Sunday. Why? My hand phone was broken (again?) and I have to send it to my friend's shop (again?). He laughed at me and offered me a better handphone as a replacement but for RM50. I said "Thanks but no thanks".

My life has changed since I knew how to chat. I have always thought that chatting is a waste of time. Actually I just forgot that I have to think the good side of it and get rid of the bad. I never liked chatting as i did now. My life was complete i guess since communication over internet primarily by exchanging emails and via forums. Now I feel incomplete without double-clicking on the Yahoo! Messenger when I first start working early in the morning. I have known a few friends via YM and this real time conversation can be so fun and exciting by exchanging ideas and knowledge.

Now Monday comes again and life must go on. I was using Xandros Linux on my student's laptop and typing in this blog. Searching for knowledge and doing practical work is my passion. In computer world, you'll never understand something completely until you do it. As my job as a system administrator, i have gained so much knowledge and experience that I can't describe here. All I can say is it is "fantastic"and sometimes plastic. :-)

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